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Transgender Discrimination – Should America Be On The Lookout For A New Pattern Of Hate Crimes?

October 7th, 2011 · No Comments


The DC area has been experiencing a string of attacks ranging from shootings to the suspicious death of a 35 year old aerospace engineer that have lead many to speculate that the transgender community is being targeted.  Transgender individuals are being targeted in a similar way in the workforce.  David Scher, a principal lawyer at The Employment Law Group® law firm appeared on NewsTalk with Rebecca Cooper on Channel 8 to discuss the recent phenomenon. Scher stated, “Over 70 percent of all transgendered individuals are discriminated against or harassed in the workplace.” Employers often instruct these individuals to dress and act the opposite of the gender with which they identify, or terminate employees for selecting a gender on the employment application that turns out to be different from their gender at birth.

The reason that so many individuals are experiencing this discrimination is that awareness of the issue is lacking throughout the country. Although members of Congress have discussed this topic since 1994, they have done nothing to address it. Scher concluded, ”It is our hope that there will be some federal action taken to really embrace the idea of transgender equality and nondiscrimination.”

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